CMC Pro Boxing emphasizes the concept of training like a pro boxer without being one. Our goal is to motivate each client to reach their greatest mental and physical potential through an emphasis on technique and conditioning as well as challenging the mind, body, and heart.


Boxing Gyms in Venice and Marina del Rey

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Boxing Gym in Marina del Rey, CA

Marina Del Rey

Our boxing gym in Marina Del Rey has a 3,500 sq ft facility equipped with heavy bags, conditioning equipment, and 2 boxing rings. We offer boxing classes, sparring, and one-on-one training in a clean gym and great community.

Start your training to get in the best shape of your life!

Address: 4206 Lincoln Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Phone: 310-439-2124

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CMC Pro Boxing gym in Marina del Rey

Boxing Gym in Venice, CA


We have an exclusive boxing gym located in the heart of Venice Beach, where you cam have a rigorous and professional boxing experience. Here you will be motivated and trained just like a pro fighter by a team of experts. This gym is Venice’s little secret for those who want serious boxing training.

Address: 324 Sunset Ave Suite B, Venice, CA 90291
Phone: 424-229-5388

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Boxing Gym in Venice