CMC Proboxing - A Gym where you will Train like a pro, without being one Less talk - More action

Boxing Sparring Classes in Venice and Marina Del Rey

We offer sparring classes so you can put into practice with other members what you learned and improve even more your technique. Whether you spar with us at our Venice location or our Marina Del Rey location, we will make sure you get the proper guidance for your boxing experience. Our trainers will get you ready to take on an actual fight, even if that is not your goal. When you come to CMC Pro Boxing, you will receive the most authentic boxing training. We make sure you receive proper guidance so you can achieve the best results possible.

Our sparring classes range from intermediate to advanced. Each client will engage in light sparring with a coach. This means less talking and more action. At CMC Pro Boxing, we believe sparring is a dialogue between two people. Instead of actually talking about it, we want you to be about it in the ring. We want you to be the best boxer you can be! When you spar with us, you are creating that reality for yourself. Our elite instructors hold the key to boxing success. It’s now up to you to take the extra step!

Benefits of Our Sparring Classes:

  • Light Sparring
  • Intermediate to Advanced
  • Preparation for A Real Fight
  • Less Talk, More Action
  • Improved Technique
  • More Practice
  • Faster Response Time