CMC Proboxing - A Gym where you will Train like a pro, without being one Less talk - More action

Private Boxing Lessons in Venice and Marina Del Rey

To get the best boxing results, CMC Pro Boxing offers private training with a coach through one-on-one boxing sessions at our Venice or Marina Del Rey locations. When you train with us, you will learn real boxing and be pushed to achieve your goals. We emphasize the concept of training like a pro boxer without being one. Our goal is to motivate each client to reach their greatest potential, mental and physical.

Throughout carefully curated techniques and conditioning methods, we make sure our clients receive a successfully challenging and beneficial experience for their mind, body, and heart.

Our unique professionalism, experience, knowledge, and skills are practiced in our gyms every day. We practice what we preach and are always improving the way we do so.

We have one compact boxing ring on the first floor and another professional size on the second floor, ensuring you have all that you need to learn boxing the best way. We have an entire building with areas for classes and private sessions, as well as the time to pass forward valuable knowledge and tolls for those seeking to step up their boxing game. There really is no other boxing gym in Marina del Rey like CMC Pro Boxing.