CMC Proboxing - A Gym where you will Train like a pro, without being one Less talk - More action

Affordable Boxing Sessions in Venice and Marina Del Rey

Do you want to do something excited the will help you get in shape, increase your speed, your reflex, and much more? So, come train with us. Our boxing classes in Venice and in Marina Del Rey are the perfect combination of physical conditioning and boxing. CMC Pro Boxing highlights on the importance of training like a pro boxer without being one.

Our goal is to stimulate each client to reach their greatest mental and physical potential through emphasis on technique and conditioning as well as challenging their mind, body, and heart.

We offer the best boxing workout you can get in town. You will be pushed to work on your physical conditioning like pro boxers do, without being worried about being hit. The classes are hosted at CMC Pro Boxing – Marina del Rey, CA. Get in touch with us to know how to become a member.